Baggage check

Coin lockers

Coin lockers are available at Shimabara Station and Hon-Isahaya Station.
Station name Size Quantity Fee
Shimabara Station Small 14 ¥300
Medium 4 ¥400
Large 1 ¥500
Hon-Isahaya Station Small 10 ¥200

Baggage Check at the Service Counter

Baggage check at the Service Counter is available at the following 5 stations: Isahaya (Unzen / Shimabara Gate) Station, Hon-Isahaya (In front of Isahaya City Hall) Station, Taira Station, Shimabara Station, and Shimabarafunatsu Station.
Each station charges ¥220 per piece of baggage.
See below for details.
Station name Baggage check time Fee(per piece)
Isahaya (Unzen / Shimabara Gate) Station 6:20AM to 22:50PM 220円
Hon-Isahaya (In front of Isahaya City Hall) Station 6:00AM to 22:55PM 220円
Taira Station 6:30AM to 19:20PM 220円
Shimabara Station 5:50AM to 23:20PM 220円
Shimabarafunatsu Station 5:40AM to 23:30PM 220円