About Hail & Ride Buses

Information of Zones Where You Can Freely Board or Get Off the Bus

Information about the "Hail & Ride buses ('free buses')" that let you get on or off at locations oth

With this system, you can get on by hailing the bus or get off by asking the driver to stop at locations other than the bus stops within the determined zone.
To get on  Stand in an open, safe area on the left side of the road and raise your hand to signal the driver.
To get off Please inform the driver a bit early (about 100 meters in advance).
However, please refrain from getting on or off the bus in the following locations.

・Intersections where stopping the vehicle is prohibited by law ・Curves with poor visibility
・Crosswalks ・Locations where the shoulder is dangerous
・Near the top of a hill ・50 m before or after a bus stop
・On steep hills ・Locations that would otherwise block traffic
Furthermore, please be aware that the bus may stop before or after your desired locations to ensure safe driving and prevent accidents.
For details, see the PDF below.